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Delivering experiences that matter, to customers who matter most.

CASE study 01

Leading Australian TELCO – Recognising Whole of Customer (WOC) Value

Match-making customer treatments and services

The failure to recognize and reward as expected by customers was a significant and ongoing pain point for this telco’s long-standing loyalist base. Resulting in low NPS and negative advocacy.

Through application of the Gravitas Customer Value Index (CVI), a holistic and more useful current and future-value definition was achieved. This became the basis for cost-effectively fulfilling the differing needs of customers, realizing continuous improvement in ROI and customer satisfaction.

CVI tagging of the entire customer base enabled determination of strategic opportunities to maximise customer value, retention, recognition and cost reduction – driving long-term customer advocacy and profitable growth.


Customer Value Index (CVI) is a measure of current revenue, future value and tenure intended for use as a strategic decisioning input to support value-led product, service and marketing strategies. The measure, calculated from customer spend and tenure data, unlocks the ability to align differentiated treatments to customer value, whilst also supporting growth through application of a future value lens.

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Converting insights into action

Gravitas worked alongside the product, marketing and operations’ teams to accelerate the development and implementation of proof of concept CVI use cases.

This testing moved the business from a traditional product led approach, to a ‘whole of customer’ value-informed strategy. Further, it enabled empowering and training of the front line to differentiate sales, service and loyalty aligned to the customer’s holistic value and potential.

To increase the value return

By reshaping customer treatments and empowering front line teams, Gravitas helped this telco achieve 25% higher save rates amongst high value customers looking to switch providers.

The program also delivered 40% higher sales conversion via personalised scripting and offer treatments.


Spend More. Stay Forever

CASE study 02

Specialist Australian Retailer – Repeat Purchase and Customer Retention

Digging deeper into customer behaviour revealed rich pockets of opportunity

There are highly valuable subtleties in buying behaviours, brand engagement and customer lifestage needs which are often lost within obligatory demographic segmentation and basket reading reports.

The Gravitas Whole of Customer (WOC) Framework serves to close these gaps in customer understanding by representing tighter cohort definitions which show, and size, holistic customer value and potential.

The right measure of renewal and reward

In addition to revealing immediate repeat business and retention opportunities through re-classification of WOC value, Gravitas used IBRO analysis to pinpoint and quantify latent opportunity within this retailer’s customer base, Identifying lapsed and inactive customers for win-back, and potential changes to their loyalty program to introduce more compelling purchase incentive tiers.


Gravitas superseded traditional loyalty analysis, by overlaying their proprietary Whole of Customer (WOC) value framework which enabled a much richer understanding of the behavioural cohorts within the retailer’s base.


Gravitas value finder analysis converted loyalty program metrics into an executive level overview of the value, and opportunity within the loyalty base.

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Incremental Growth Opportunity
  • Potential to increase retention within loyalty base
  • Potential to increase in sales from personalised campaign

Right message, right moment, right medium

CASE study 03

Blue Chip Australian Insurance Group - Next Best Action (NBA)

Making the right offer, at just the right time, can make a big difference to the bottom-line

It’s the old adage: fish where the fish are.

This Insurance Group wanted to accelerate their efforts in cross-sell effectiveness, and simultaneously fine-tune their targeted marketing to prospects to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Gravitas leveraged existing targeting technology, (including Adobe) to embed the decisioning logic and support the correct customer treatments in real time.

Through the application of more intelligent customer value and behavioural definitions, Gravitas was able to help create a healthy and continuous lead pipeline, and enable the triggering of more timely responses and offers to this insurer’s prospect and customer base.


Gravitas developed a series of propensity models across motor and home products to identify x-sell leads for marketing.

A new Campaign Targeting Decision Engine facilitated cross sell campaigns to fresh leads, and to the existing customer base.

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Targeting for success
  • Up to 5 times lift in product take-up amongst top 10% customers using event-driven NBO models.
  • Twice as predictive as previous models

Belong to something bigger and better

CASE study 04

Australian Football League – Maximising Fan Engagement

Creating an unrivalled understanding of fans to unlock incremental value

Through the consolidation and aggregation of league, partner, club and sponsor data Gravitas created a powerful 360º fan ID to unlock fan value for all players, to win at scale.

By forging a centralised customer/fan data hub it enabled co-creation of data-driven CRM and digital fan engagement programs resulting in:

  • shared cost and revenue outcomes
  • the joint development of ‘next generation’ fan experiences
  • the reveal of ‘high opportunity’ prospect pools for sponsors to sell to via on-and-offline channels (products and merchandise)

A transformational big data, CRM and media platform that profiles fans and personalises their experience.

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Bringing together League, Clubs Partner and sponsor data

Capability and people

  • Cloud based CRM platform
  • Strategists, analysts and planners
  • Technology & infrastructure

Advanced analytics

  • Algorithms
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Predictive modelling
  • Attribution modelling

New audiences and Incremental revenue

  • Highly targeted campaigns
  • Retargeting
  • Ad serving
  • Lead generation
The Applause
  • Higher ticket sales from personalised campaigns versus control.
  • 1pt higher fan engagement = 10% higher revenue.

Bringing back the love

CASE study 05

Big 4 Financial Institution – Moving the needle from product led to customer-first

Building binding lifelong relationships, delivering on the brand promise and engendering greater loyalty

The drive to meet short-term product sales KPIs had resulted in customers receiving random and disconnected communications from myriad business units across this organisation, which failed to reflect the fullness of the customer relationship or pro-actively meet the customer’s changing life needs.

Towards holistically solving this problem, Gravitas tested adoption of a whole-of-customer engagement approach (and pro-active health check) to selected customers, who research had identified as being the most cynical and dissatisfied customer segment.

The WOC test campaigns was designed to tangibly show how this company was putting the interests of their customers first by proactively recommending:

  1. right planning accounts; and
  2. investing in a personalised health of the relationship customer check-in @ branch.

WOC harnesses customer cohort attributes and characteristics to shift engagement from product-focussed communications, into a more tightly choreographed stream of personalised communications. Data will richly inform the development of creative, and tonally different copy, to be relevant and true to the WOC relationship.

Customer health check

Is quite simply, a methodology designed to stay in touch, and therefore always be In-touch with customers’ needs, wants, desires.

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The test segment proof-of-concept results realised

56% increase in sales from the personalised Check-In treatment

+33 NPS for customers that acted on the personalised treatment

4 times the response rate to the previous non-personalised approach

Single-shot siloed communications
Connected, evolving relationship conversations
High-level/volume segment campaigns
Targeted and personalised WOC cohort campaigns
Brand Influenced
Fulfilling brand promise

The importance of saying ‘thanks’

CASE study 06

Market leading Telco - Raising the bar in customer recognition and reward

Making customers feel special and valued, made a measurable difference to customer satisfaction and loyalty

Suffice to say: the investment we make in our telco services has grown significantly in the past decade.

By all accounts, none of us could live without our data or mobile services, and therefore it’s a relationship that continually bears close scrutiny. We want to know and ’feel’ like we are getting the best possible value return.

Through research, this telco was aware the lack of personalised recognition and reward was a major pain point – particularly with long-tenured customers.

As market leader, they needed a loyalty strategy and cross-company implementation plan which was befitting to their brand stature, and successfully matched rewards to known customer preferences and the right recognition at pivotal engagement points.

Gravitas embedded an expert taskforce to work arm-in-arm with internal teams to help deploy transformative tools and program implementation models to deliver a tiered, best-in-class customer loyalty, resulting in a benchmark industry program and tangible improvements in attrition and advocacy.


Baseplate navigation designs to guide the approach and customisation of always-on engagement, sales, service and loyalty playbooks and customer journeys.


Data analysis which identifies and enables targeting of disaffected customers to circumvent attrition and restore strength of engagement.


A capability designed to trigger promotion, and fulfilment, of the most relevant reward offer according to customer loyalty status.

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The reward for recognition

100% uplift in customer retention

8% brand consideration

33% higher spend from participants

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