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Proven strategies, customisable frameworks and models, fast-track customer value creation

Strategy & insights

Whole of customer value based cohort strategy and tagging


IBRO Business Case methodology
Customer Engagement Framework and use case library
Share of Wallet Index
Customer Engagement Index


Always on Playbooks and customer journeys
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Choreographing ‘whole of customer data’ into actionable attributes to enable differentiated sales, service and loyalty experiences

Data inputs Data warehouse Analytics models web traffic Loyalty program Marketing history Channels 3rd party data Sponsorship data
arrow Analytic toolkit
  • WOC cohort model
  • SOW Index
  • CE Index
  • NBA Model
  • NBC Model
customer profile * Financial Services example provide here. Telco and Retail examples can be me available upon request.
arrow Customer engagement framework
  • Use cases
  • IBRO
  • Customer journeys
  • Playbooks
Cx outcomes Always on engagement Education & awareness Needs met Differentiated sales & service Right time recognition Brand engagement & loyalty

Creating an unrivalled understanding of the customer to unlock faster revenue growth and strengthen brand engagement

Fulfilling needs

Increased product holdings aligned to customer needs and lifestage

Nurturing relationships

Realising Whole of life customer opportunities


Proactive, Personalised engagement to improve customer retention and advocacy


Empowering the frontline with weighted sales, service and loyalty treatments aligned to customer value and potential

gap analysis

Identifying customer portfolio gaps and providing compelling reasons to consolidate

Skills and Tools

Enabled by embedding Gravitas Accelerator™ within our clients’ data ecosystems


Business Use

Outputs are sent to customer decision & engagement systems, and Business Intelligence systems for use in driving customer value.

Customer Management Systems
Marketing Automation CRM IVR Routing Loyalty Operations
Business Intel
Business Performance Base Value Management Marketing ROI Customer Engagement Self Service Analytics

Gravitas Accelerator™

All Gravitas models are built using template code packages for speed, but then customised to suit client data and specific to client needs.

WOC Cohorts
SoW Index
CE Index
NBO Models
Event Library

SaaS Solutions

Gravitas works within client data environments to ensure longevity and maximum use of tools.

Data Enrichment

Advanced Analytics & Data Science


Source Systems

Enterprises capture critical data and pass through to downstream data environments in batch or real-time streams.

Data Management

Warehousing, Integration & Normalization

Source Data Systems


Achievement of [email protected] has a proven bottom-line effect

Increase in sales from personalised campaign vs traditional campaign.

Increase in Services per Check-In conversation and +65 Interaction NPS.

Check-In was highly personalised review focused on "how can we do better for you"

Higher Save Rate for HVC’s from premium inbound save treatments.

Also delivered 40% higher sales conversion.

Higher ticket sales from personalised campaigns versus control.

1pt higher fan engagement = 10% higher revenue.

Up to 5 times lift in product take-up amongst top 10% customers using event-driven NBO models.

Twice as predictive as previous models.

Uplift in sales amongst marketable customers after implementing new personalised engagement program.

Uplift in recontract conversion by personalising recontract approach for HVC's.

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